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Electroencephalogram (EEG) Testing in San Jose, CA

What is an Electroencephalogram?

An Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a method of measuring brain activity. It is an extremely safe and efficient method in which the brain activity of the patient is measured with the help of sensors that are attached to their head. The electrical activity can be seen on a computer and read with the help of a graph. This helps the neurologist to see whether the patient's brain is functioning normally.

Instructions for the patient:

  • Make the neurologist aware of the medications that you are taking regularly. It is important for the neurologist to know this since it could affect you and your brain activity.
  • Avoid caffeine and energy drinks before the procedure.
  • Keep your hair clean and do not use any products on your hair.

What is the procedure for an EEG?

The procedure takes place in a dark and quiet room. The patient is made to sit or recline on a chair or to lie down on a bed. The patient's head and scalp are cleaned so that cream can be applied. Once the cream is applied, electrodes are attached to it and they are connected to a computer that is monitored. The computer records the patient's brainwaves. After the procedure, the neurologist studies a graph of the brainwaves. This helps to give insight into the condition of the patient if any.

What is Continuous Ambulatory Video EEG Monitoring?

This method, known as Continuous Audio Visual EEG is a method of recording that is used to diagnose epilepsy. The process of going about this procedure is similar to the EEG. During this, the brain signals during a seizure are recorded. It has been noted that the brain signals are extremely active during a seizure as compared to the weak signals emitted otherwise. Along with the brain scan, there is also video monitoring which involves a constant video of the patient during the procedure. This dual process is important as it helps the neurologist to determine the severity of the seizure and its concentrated area.

If you are facing any neurological problems then it is important to get them checked right away. With the appropriate help and care, your problems will be combatted sooner.

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