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What is a Lumbar Radiculopathy?

The spine is one of the major organs in the body and damage to it can lead to severe back pain. Many patients only begin to notice how severe the problem is only until it is very late and the pain is tremendous. Back pain or radicular pain is the cause of the compression or inflammation of a nerve in the spinal cord over time. The disc of the spinal cord consists of soft inner tissue and a firm outer core. Once the disc is weakened, the inner core protrudes and gets inflamed and damaged. The nerve compression can lead to shooting pain down the patient's leg, lower body, and extremities. Once there is damage to the patient's spine, they may also feel numbness and muscle tingling in their body occasionally.

How is Lumbar Radiculopathy diagnosed?

The doctor begins by identifying the patient's symptoms such as tingling in the body, pain in the leg and back. An X-ray, CT scan or MRI are used to pinpoint the exact area of the problem as well. Once these are identified, a course of action is designed per the patient's needs, so that the problem can be worked on in the most efficient method as possible.

What is the treatment for Lumbar Radiculopathy?

There are many different ways by which this condition can be treated depending on the severity of the back pain:

  • The doctor might recommend non-surgical options such as pain relievers or anti-inflammatories. An epidural may also be administered to the patient. This medication fights the patient's symptoms by reducing the inflammation of the nerves and giving the patient some much-needed relief.
  • The patient is recommended to walk or to perform different exercises to reduce the back pain so that they can strengthen their body and naturally improve the condition of their back. With appropriate care on the patient's part, as well as the use of pain-relieving medication, the damaged disc can be reabsorbed.
  • If the patient's symptoms are worsening, the doctor will recommend surgery. The surgery focuses on improving the condition of the damaged disc and relieving the patient's pain.

If you are facing many back problems and you find it difficult to do everyday activities, it is necessary to consult a doctor for this problem. With the care and guidance of a trained professional, your back pain can be treated and you can get back to all the fun things that you'd like to do.

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