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What is Myasthenia Gravis?

This is a neuromuscular condition that occurs when a person's muscles become extremely weak. It is caused when the nerves in the body aren't able to transmit chemical messages and hence the muscles become weak and do not move. The muscles that are affected the most are the muscles that control movement. It is important to treat this condition before it becomes severe because it can disrupt a person's daily activities.

What are the symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis?

The symptoms of myasthenia gravis include different things such as drooping of the eyelids, blurred vision and weak eye muscles. The inability to control the eye muscles are the first symptoms of this disease. The person might also be unable to control their facial expressions or to even swallow normally. Sitting, walking and even lifting objects become difficult tasks for the people afflicted with myasthenia gravis. Constant muscle fatigue becomes a regular symptom for the people as well.

What is the cause of Myasthenia Gravis?

Myasthenia gravis occurs when the nerves are not able to communicate simple commands. This interruption in communication causes a problem with the muscles and makes a person lose control over their skeletal muscles. It is a major problem because it affects people's ability to do everyday tasks.

How is Myasthenia Gravis diagnosed?

The doctor reviews the patient's medical history and conducts neurological examinations on them. A blood test is also done so as to detect the presence of certain antibodies that are present due to myasthenia gravis. Many others tests like a CT scan and an EMG can also be conducted.

How is Myasthenia Gravis treated?

Once the doctor diagnoses the disease, a plan is formulated to treat it. There are many different medications that can be given to the patient to treat the disorder. Another way to treat myasthenia gravis involves the removal of the thymus gland which can help to re-balance the immune system. Plasma exchange also can remove the harmful antibodies. A simple precaution that can be taken by the patients involves getting enough rest so that muscle strength can improve.

If you are facing any of the symptoms like those that are mentioned above, it is necessary to seek the help of a qualified neurologist. With their help and guidance, you will be given the best care and treatment so that your condition can be improved quickly and efficiently.

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