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What is Cervical Pain?

The neck, also known as the cervical spine is capable of supporting the weight of a person's head. It can also move in different directions and is a very flexible organ. The neck performs important functions for the body that involve housing and protecting of the spinal cord, it even transports blood to the brain and absorbs shocks that occur due to the patient's daily activities. This multitude of activities that the cervical spine performs is necessary for people to perform different everyday activities, and if it is affected it can curb the everyday freedom of many people. Over time, due to stress, exercises, and sitting in one position, the neck can be damaged and cause severe pain to the patients.

What is the cause of Cervical Pain?

Neck pain can be caused due to many different commonplace activities that people do not even realize. The cervical spine can become less flexible and stiff if the nerves in the neck get pinched and worn out. Degenerative disc disease affects many different people over time. Growing older can also cause such problems and can gradually lead to severe neck pain. A person's lifestyle and their choices can cause cervical pain as well. Obesity, bad posture, and overexertion can cause lead to this problem. Stress due to everyday activities can also cause damage to people's cervical spine. Therefore, care must be taken to look after one's neck so as to avoid such pain.

How is Cervical Pain Treated?

The doctor recommends the use of medication for the patient if the problem is not too severe for them. The patient is recommended to exercise and go for physical therapy as well. If the disorder is extreme and cannot be treated by non-surgical options, then the doctor will recommend surgery. The surgery to treat cervical pain is called a discectomy. This involves the removal of the degraded disc and the replacement of it with a metal disc. This will remove the cause of the patient's problem and help them to regain their mobility. The patient must improve their lifestyle, their posture, and their habits as well, following the procedure so that this problem does not occur again.

If you are plagued by constant neck pain, then it is pertinent to visit a good doctor. With good care and guidance, your cervical problems will no longer affect your lifestyle.

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