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What is a Seizure disorder?

A seizure occurs when the electrical activity in the brain gets disrupted. It temporarily affects brain functioning and may cause severe damage to the patient. Before a seizure occurs, there may be unusual symptoms such as uncontrollable shaking or a person losing consciousness.

What are the different types of Seizure disorders?

  • An epileptic fit or seizure does not have any trigger. They may be caused due to underlying brain disorders, tumors or other problems.
  • Non-epileptic fits are caused by infections or reaction to drugs. The exact cause for the seizure can be pinpointed, unlike an epileptic seizure.

What is the cause of a Seizure disorder?

In some cases, a seizure may be brought on by a very high fever or abnormal blood levels of the patient. A sudden accident or a head injury can also bring the onset of a seizure. Brain tumors or a stroke can cause a person to suffer from this disease. People with the seizure disorder are likely to be affected by excess or sudden stress.

How is the Seizure disorder diagnosed?

The doctor takes an EEG to determine the cause of the seizure. They also try to establish the way that the seizure occurred, depending upon the report of an eyewitness. The doctor also establishes the behavior and actions of the patient that could have possibly led to the onset of the seizure. A sudden injury, medication or their sleep habits are evaluated to pinpoint the reason for the sudden occurrence. A CT scan or MRI is also done to determine if there is any damage to the brain.

What is the treatment for a seizure disorder?

A few measures to treat or eliminate the cause of the disorder are:

  • Medication such as an anticonvulsant is given to the patient, depending upon the severity of their disorder.
  • Exercise is recommended so that the person can remain active.
  • The patients are made to refrain from using drugs or consuming alcohol.
  • There are many precautions that must be taken by the people looking after the patient. They must be trained to stay calm and stay by the side of the patient when a seizure occurs.

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