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What is Traumatic Brain Injury?

The brain is the most sensitive organ in the body. Once a person becomes a victim of a brain injury, they experience a myriad of problems. A traumatic brain injury may occur due to an accident or sudden injury to the head. This sudden damage to such a sensitive area will cause severe problems or disorders in the patient. This damage to the brain might result in a permanent disability or even death.

What are the symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

  • The symptoms depend upon the area where the damage has occurred.
  • The person might lose consciousness depending upon the side of the brain that is affected.
  • This disorder also causes dizziness, blurred vision and, in some cases even vomiting.
  • The patient might suffer from mood and behavioral disorders as well.
  • There might be a problem with the patient's motor control and their posture.
  • The damage to the brain of the patient also leads to problems with balance and their ability to control themselves.

What is the cause of a Traumatic Brain Disorder?

There are many reasons why a brain disorder might be caused. Accidents or violence might lead to severe damage to the brain. The inability of wearing a helmet on motorbikes can also lead to deadly injuries if the patient is involved in an accident.

How is a Traumatic Brain Injury diagnosed?

The neurologist diagnoses the patient by checking whether their pupils constrict normally under a light. There are many other ways by which the neurologist can diagnose the patient. An ECG, neuroimaging and many other options can be used to safely find out whether the patient is suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

What is the treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury?

The doctor begins working on the problem as soon as the injury occurs so that the damage does not cause any lasting effects. Surgery might be performed to remove any lesions and to stabilize the patient. Once the patient's condition is stabilized, they are put into rehabilitation. This is done to help improve the condition of the patient and to work on any disorders that result from the damage to the brain. This procedure is very complex and needs quick care and help to improve the patient's condition before it worsens.

If you require help or are in need of a neurologist for such a condition, it is important to reach out to a specialist as soon as possible. With quick and specialized care, your condition can be improved upon and you will be restored back to complete health.

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